Vitamin C and Nutrient IV

Nutrient IVs are loaded with vitamins, minerals and potent anti-oxidants that help to boost your energy, immune system and general well being.

Nutrient IVs, also known as modified Myers’ cocktails, consist of high dose vitamin C, Calcium, B5, B6, B12, B Complex, Folic Acid, Selenium, Magnesium, Zinc, as well as other essential vitamins and minerals.  Nutrient IVs can also contain a combination of amino acids, homeopathics and powerful anti-oxidants, if appropriate for your symptom picture.  The combination of nutrients depends on your physiology and how it relates to your specific health goals.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Things you look at change

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also known as CBT, is one of the most effective forms of psychotherapeutic treatments.  The underlying concept behind CBT is that our thoughts and feelings play a fundamental role in our behavior. For example, a person who spends a lot of time thinking about airplane accidents, may find themselves avoiding air travel. The goal of cognitive behavior therapy is to teach you that while you cannot control every aspect of the world around you, you can take control of how you interpret and deal with things in your environment.

CBT has been proven to be especially beneficial in the treatment of anxiety/phobias, depression and other mood imbalances.

CBT can help free you from the shackles that keep you tied to your fears and self doubt.  Create the life you’ve always wanted to live – begin by transforming the way you choose to see the world.

If you would like to learn more about how to incorporate CBT into your healing journey, contact Pura Vida Natural Medicine and schedule an appointment with Dr. Lamb.


Healthy Gut, Happy You!

GI Love imageThe foundation of good health starts with a healthy, happy digestive system. The gut is where many of the most important processes happen in the body such as eliminating toxins, absorbing [Read more…]

Hug Therapy

Puppy HugHugging a loved one has tremendous health benefits, such as reducing stress chemicals, raising a female’s oxytocin levels, and lowering blood pressure and heart rate.  In fact, the American Psychosomatic Society recommends a 10 minute hug or hand-holding between romantic partners because of its positive effects on stress.  If done in the morning before work, the results can last [Read more…]

Motivating Reminders for Breast Health

An entertaining way to remember to do your weekly checks for changes in breast tissue.  Check out this funny video and learn about a free ap to help give you some laughs and remind you of when to do your next self-exam.

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The Power of Homeopathy in Mental Health

Homeopathy is one of the safest and most effective forms of treatment for mental health concerns and emotional imbalances.  It has been popular in Europe for hundreds of years, [Read more…]

PCOS: Natural Treatments for Promoting Fertility

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, also known as PCOS, is one of the most prevalent endocrine disorders in women.  It is a complex and multifaceted imbalance that affects multiple organ systems.  Due to it’s effects on hormones and blood sugar, it is known to substantially impact fertility.  It is thought that over 30% of women with PCOS have no symptoms and go undiagnosed until fertility issues arise.  Increasing stress levels and the standard American diet are making the condition much more prevalent in the United States.  It’s important to note that PCOS is NOT a permanent condition and you can in fact manage this condition naturally and improve your chances of conceiving naturally with simple interventions to diet and lifestyle. [Read more…]

Advocate for Naturopathic Medicine

Take a moment to learn more about how you can help support Naturopathic licensing. [Read more…]

Green Veggie Detox Machines

Cruciferous veggies and dark leafy greens are two of the most powerful detoxing and nutritious groups of foods available.  As discussed below, adding servings of these foods to your regular diet can provide numerous health benefits.

Dark leafy greens
Rich in chlorophyll (energy), iron, vitamins C & E, this food category is by far the most beneficial and under consumed in American culture.  Dark leafies lift mood, heal organs, and repair damage caused by our stressful lives.  Heavy hitters packing the most nutrition include kale, [Read more…]

Food Labels: 6 Easy Rules

Have you ever wondered what the laundry list of ingredients on your food’s nutritional label actually means?  Unless you shop entirely along the perimeter of the grocery store and your diet is composed of 100% whole foods, nutritional labels have more than likely inspired frustration and confusion in your shopping.  Packaged and labeled food have become so complicated [Read more…]