10 Ways To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Natural Remedies For Healthy Holidays Holiday season brings joy and excitement.  Unfortunately, it can also bring an abundance of cold weather, stress and, worst of all, invasive germs.  But don’t worry!  Exposure to these elements does not mean you will be sentenced to 7 days of sneezing, sniffling, and holiday flus.  There are several, natural remedies that can be done to fortify your immune system and allow your body to fight off infection before you ever experience a single symptom!

In addition to changing behavior, there are many foods, vitamins and botanicals, that we can add to our diet in order to achieve optimal immune function.  Boosting the immune system has both short term and long term benefits–a well functioning immune system protects us from colds and flu, as well as cancer, chronic [Read more…]

Epsom Salt Baths: Muscle Recovery and Beyond

Athletes are constantly on the search for the latest and greatest training and recovery supplements, however, one of the most effective has been around for hundreds of years.  Epsom salt is a mineral that was first extracted from sea water in the British town of Epsom in 1618.  This salt, also called Magnesium sulphate, when added to warm bath water, can help alleviate muscle pain even as intense as that found in fibromyalgia.  It has also been shown to reduce swelling, relieve stress, improve circulation, soften skin and improve mood.  These minerals are absorbed effectively through the skin, providing almost instant relief from muscle aches and pains incurred on long training runs or other activities causing overexertion of large muscle groups.   [Read more…]

Brushing: It’s not just for teeth and hair

Dry skin brushing is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to detoxify your body.  Although relatively self explanatory, dry skin brushing is a bit of a peculiar concept—it involves brushing your body with a “dry skin brush” which promotes the elimination of toxins and improves weight loss and overall health.  Because of its effectiveness, dry skin brushing may be the single most important therapy you add to your detoxification program.

7 reasons you should be dry skin brushing:

1.  Promotes Detoxification
As the largest organ in the body, the skin is responsible for releasing over a pound of toxins per day and is often the first organ to show symptoms of imbalance.   [Read more…]