Personal Mindfulness Success

success-checkI fell off the meditation wagon a couple of months ago.  I could list many reasons as to why this happened, but for the sake of time, let’s just call it life.

I have now been back on an abbreviated version of my mindfulness routine (minimum of 5 minutes focusing on my breath daily, which recently increased to 10!) for 5 days. Yes, 5 days of 5-10 minutes of breath work and I’ve already noticed a benefit!

Today, 10 minutes before my next appointment, I dropped a Pyrex and it shattered into hundreds of sharp, tiny bean covered pieces.  It was almost as if time slowed down and I was watching both the Pyrex and my internal response in slow motion.

I sighed as it hit the floor and right away began cleaning up the mess. It wasn’t until I was throwing the beans and glass in the trash that I recognized the absence of tension in my chest, frustration and maybe even some strong language. I was totally at ease throwing out my lunch and my glass dish.

I instantly knew in my gut that this response versus my suboptimal reactions as of late was a direct consequence of my new mindfulness routine.

I wanted to share this with you all because:
1. It helps to validate that falling off the mindfulness wagon happens to us ALL! Even those of us who have been doing it for MANY years.
2. It reinforces how priceless this practice can be and how fast we can see results; allowing us the time to respond instead of react to our environment and ultimately changing our entire experience in just one moment.
3. I hope this little anecdote will remind you to, no matter what your specific goal/task might be, ALWAYS get back on the horse and preferably in small increments for an increased sense of mastery and success.

I’m off to get in an extra 5 minutes of mindfulness today.