The Highly Sensitive Person

The word sensitive has a very negative connotation in most cultures. A simple search in a thesaurus will result in synonyms ranging from delicate to nervous, to even unstable! Although these are certainly common internal experiences in the life of a depleted and overstimulated sensitive person, they are definitely NOT an accurate descriptions of a well-nourished and supported sensitive mind, body and spirit.

Growing up with a negative perspective of my sensitivity significantly delayed the blossoming of my sense of purpose, empowerment and fulfillment that I later found in my adult years from understanding the purpose of this trait.

Through my training as a Counselor and Naturopathic Doctor as well as the countless personal hours dedicated to understanding the purpose of this sensitivity, I have come to understand that the sensitive body is like an instrument. When it’s limits and needs are honored and nourished, respectively, it plays the most harmonious, fulfilling and exquisite music. This manifests as powerful confidence, a clarity of purpose and intuition. By living within the boundaries of our HSP needs, a generally peaceful life, even in the face of inevitable adversity, begins to unfold. When the sensitive body’s needs are neglected or misunderstood and its boundaries are broken, the instrument’s sound become hectic, frenetic, and excruciating painful to hear. This option feels just like the instrument would sound – chaotic.

Living with our true Self is a fundamental right that gets buried in the midst of chaos and adversity. There is a disconnect from Self and our behavior becomes externally driven and motivated, we lose our own sense of Self. People pleasing can be like an addiction that presents a false sense of security and direction. Simply stated, when an instrument’s maintenance needs are not met, it plays out of tune and no longer serve the purpose of playing beautiful music.

My vision and hope for you as we journey together, is that you experience the freedom, peace and empowerment that comes from understanding and meeting all of your sensitive body’s needs. A collaborative, team approach where YOU are the expert of your body and that knowing your Self through this unique experience is the only way to achieve comprehensive liberation.

There is an easier and more satisfying way to live in your sensitive body. You can feel greater ease, predictability and overall health as you maximize all the benefits of living fully and completely in a highly sensitive body. There are many different tips, tools and techniques, most of which will be discussed here, that help to optimize and fine tune your instrument in order for it to play the music you were meant to play and live the life that fulfills your sensitive body’s purpose.

Mind/Body Support for the Highly Sensitive Person

The big picture and long term goal of supporting the sensitive person’s physical body, is to rebuild organ systems that have been overstimulated for decades. There is no quick fix to this process, primarily because most people aren’t taught how to preventatively nourish our body’s most stressed organ systems. The changes we will discuss to support your physical body need to become a way of life. Expect that the implementation of this information will take time. At Pura Vida Natural Medicine, we focus and attend to identifying each individual’s unique needs before we integrate these life style changes. That means a great deal of trouble shooting and processing of the subsequent grief that inevitably arises with each shift in behavior towards a healthier lifestyle (imagine removing food sensitivities, waking up earlier to incorporate movement for detoxification, etc). These lifestyle behaviors contributing to low energy, anxiety, hopelessness, and/or pain have been present most of your life, we cannot expect for you to drop it and move on as if they had never provided comfort or a sense of security. The good news is that even in the presence of grief, frustration and sometimes exhaustion, there is a way to help you feel even more comfortable, secure and vibrant. These adjustments are worth every second and ounce of your time and energy. Your best life awaits.

After years of working with other doctors who were unable to decrease the symptoms I was experiencing, Dr Lamb was able to identify a different approach and get me some relief. I am still on a journey to feel completely better but I can tell I’ll on the right path!
This might be a long reply! Lol. Here are a few ways working with Pura Vida has impacted my life.
1) I have become more intune to my body and its needs. My body was speaking to me but I wasn’t paying attention to it. I had migraines frequently, fatigue and anxiety. Now, I feel like I can understand my needs much more and I’m able to support my physical and mental health better than before!
2. When I was newly postpartum, it rocked my and my husband’s worlds. Homeopathy quite literally saved us during that first week of bringing our son home. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Lamb for her support during that incredibly difficult transition into parenthood for 2 sensie people!

It has been great working with Dr. Kayla Amin and realizing so many of my “challenges” were bc of how my body works and not “in my head” Feels wonderful to be understood and truly cared for rather than a box that is checked!!